The business was started in 1968 as a hand-crafted activity by Mr. Adelchi Agostinis, founder and current president of the board of directors.

Main events:

1974 Moving from a rented room to the first shed

1976 Installation of the first double glazing plant

1989 The activity becomes Agostinis Vetro srl

1990 Installation of the first oven for flat tempered glass

1991 Production of printed glass starts

1996 Production of enameled glass begins

1997 Installation of the oven for curved tempered glass

2000 Installation of the production line for stratified glass

2002 Installation of the second oven for flat tempered glass

2007 Construction of the automatic stock-selection store

2007 Installation of two new lines for completely automatic cutting

2009 Installation of the second insulating double glazing plant

2016 enlargement establishment of 3500 square meters

2016 Installation of the third oven for flat tempered glass

2016 Installation of a new automatic stratified glass cutting

2017 Installation of the third insulating double glazing plant

2018 Installation of 2 new CN work centers

2018 installation of a new stock-selection store

2018 Installation of a new automatic stratified glass cutting

2018 installation of a new automatic float glass cutting

2019 Installation of 2 new complete screen printing lines


Today the company boasts the following plants:

N°5 cutting lines

N°3 complete two-sided lines

N°3 grinding and vertical milling centres

N°5 working centres

N°2 slanted edge grinding lines

N°3 drilling lines

N°4 serigraphy/enamelling lines

N°1 stratification line

N°3 flat tempering plants

N°1 curved tempering plant

N°3 insulating double glazing plants

N°3 structural bonding locations

N°3 metal parts bonding lines